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Its Not Long Before Zaden Gets Some Attention


Based on this map the political situation and start of the was in Syria war explained. The media in Europe write about the violence and cruelties, but meanwhile the life goes on and so does the revolution. We were the first to watch the latest movie Field of Battle by Abou Naddara where we see farmers continuing their everyday work on the field, with the sounds of war — bombs and gunshots — close by. If they stop farming, their community has no food.

Your work for the next 6 month. But, as always, there is resistance from the people. She shows a picture from the south of Damascus which states: Its Not Long Before Zaden Gets Some Attentionthe uprising started in the countryside.

On the 15th of March there was a demonstration in Damascus in solidarity with the people in Egypt. On the 18th of March, there were also demonstrations in the south.

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People were angry at the police. These children were taken away, tortured. Their parents protested and screamed hopelessly, but the governor told them: People had free health insurance, free education etc. The government employed half of the working class. But in the meantime there were 17 secret services to control the population and each other.

Also the agriculture sector was controlled by the state which is one of the reasons that it is so hard right now to start up local and an independent food production. Since the s, Syria had become more and more liberal economically. There was a dictatorship with neo-liberal policies that aligned with the bourgeoisie elites of the country. Because of reduced financial support from abroad the regime had to reduce its expenses.

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This resulted in the dismantling of the social system. Still, Syria was food sovereign, but farmers had to produce more export, water-intense crops instead of food for the own population.

But after the uprising in the countryside ineverything changed. From the beginning food has been used as Its Not Long Before Zaden Gets Some Attention to control the people. Around the first besieged cities the agricultural land was ruined. They started to undertake all kinds of methods to starve people and make them surrender. Food is used as weapon in various ways: In this way, farmers have been pushed to the cities more and more.

They are unable to leave the city, and so they have no other option than to start urban city farmsoften on a roof. People do anything to obtain seeds, which they can sow in their urban gardens.

These seeds have to be open pollinated seeds, so that the people can save more seeds for the next planting period. While the news is extensively covering the international refugee crisis, there is less attention to the people who remain in Syria, many of whom are living under siege. With their cities under attack, it can be extremely difficult to get basic necessities, like food and fresh products.

The 15th Garden is bringing life and vivacity back to these war-torn cities across Syria.

It supports locals starting gardens in empty lots, teaching them skills, and provides assistance to existing urban and rural farms. Two main goals of 15th Garden is to get food to those trapped in cities while raising awareness about food sovereignty.

In Europe the 15th Garden still has to explain people about the cruel situation in Syria. There is a lot of attention for IS.

The King Zilla Proudly Presents:...

IS is proud about their cruelties while the regime is hiding it. In the past years many more people have been killed and injured by the regime.

One major obstacle has been the acquisition of seeds to get the garden projects started. The regime has always been centralised the distribution of seeds; farmers had to hand in their harvest and received new seeds the next season. And obviously the war situation and sieges made it even harder to get access the right seeds.

Another problem at the start was the lack of knowledge. And this resulted in some disappointments as well. To spread the knowledge and to educate gardeners people in Syria publish and distribute newspapers, add tutorial on Youtube and use the radio to reach people. There are still many challenges, everybody in the network wants food sovereignty, during and after the war: In Amsterdam the presentation resulted in a talk about how people in the Netherlands can help and contribute to the network.

Some ideas that have been mentioned: It is important to collect the right seeds: It is better to have larger quantities of a few good crop than many small bags of many different crops. It would be best to organise the packaging and transport of the seeds before we start to collect them.

A lot of info has already been shared on Youtube. Its Not Long Before Zaden Gets Some Attention are still some topics uncovered. Similar support is also organised for other professions like fire fighters and doctors.

Also in the Its Not Long Before Zaden Gets Some Attention people see the IS as the main problem in Syria while many more people are killed by the Assad regime. It would be good to spread the message that also Assad has to go to make peace possible. This can be done by contacting the media but as well by organising solidarity protests in the streets when something happened again in Syria and join Syrian protests in the cities in the Netherlands.

At the meeting in Amsterdam there were as well people who could help with awareness programmes for schools or raise the topic within Syrian women organisations. The network is doing a lot of good work but for some of their activities they need some money. A fundraiser can go well together with spreading information about the continuous struggle and revolution in Syria. This could for example be done by organising a benefit dinner.

It is already possible to donate.

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